Mainstream maintenance for  SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 is to terminate by December 31, 2013

Upgrade SAP SOLUTION MANAGER for version 7.1

SAP SOLUTION MANAGER (SOLMAN) in an inevitable part of any SAP landscape. The more complicated SAP landscape becomes, the more important SOLMAN grows. SOLMAN is a crucial part of a stable run of SAP systems.

In 2011 SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1 was released and the termination of mainstream maintenance of previous versions by December 12, 2013was announced, SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 and SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 EHP 1.

New version of SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1, thanks to its functionality, moves forward utilization of SOLMAN in real surroundings. SOLMAN helps to run efficiently, monitor, and document SAP landscape from the technical side, plus expands its operating into business area as well. If you keep using an older version of SOLMAN it is the right time to plan upgrade to version 7.1.

We have a long term experience in the area of running SOLMAN and we know, that mainly in more complicated landscape SOLMAN upgrade is a matter of a smaller project. Our consultants have experienced a lot of projects and know how to solve even non-standard situations. We can help you to use efficiently all available tools SOLMAN 7.1 to run your SAP systems, to switch to new versions smoothly, and manage your SAP more efficiently.

Why to switch to SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1

  • The SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 (EHP1) support is to terminate by December 31, 2013
  • Better evaluation at recertification of Customer Centre of Expertise
  • Consolidated portfolio of scenarios with extended functions:
  1. IT Service Management
  2. Change Control Management
  3. Test Management
  4. Solution Implementation
  5. Solution Documentation
  1. Upgrade Management
  2. Maintenance Management
  3. Custom Code Management
  4. Business Process Operations
  5. Technical Operations

Description of solutions

Firstly, our team analyzes in details your SAP landscape and extension of SOLMAN utilization. Secondly, we prepare a description of used SAP systems incl. used operational system, database and hardware. Then, we make a detail analysis of SOLMAN suite, map all used scenarios, their mutual links, extension of customization, and possibly an individual development. In case you use SOLMAN to manage the lifecycle of your SAP applications, we will use it too. As a part of analytic and preparatory phases we suggest the way to carry out the upgrade to version 7.1 and data migration.  We will provide you with a suggested plan for further SOLMAN development. Finally, the output of your delivery is SOLMAN version 7.1 with functionality on equal or extended level.