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System Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

  • How do you monitor your SAP systems?
  • Do you monitor the numbers of users, response time, increases in database or amount of errors?
  • Did you know that you don’t have to use archaic interface for SAP transactions, but you can use modern interface of SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN), which is already installed on your system in the basic license?

SOLMAN contains a scenario

Technical Monitoring with System Monitoring feature, which enables advanced monitoring not only of the performance data of all your connected systems. In well-aranged opening window you can see system hierarchy in the left part: technical systems, database instance, technical instance and guests (pic. 1). The list is fully interactive and allows navigation between systems and their metrics divided into groups of Availability, Performance, Configuration and Exception. System Monitoring allows monitoring of metrics in wide range for each system.

In the right part of the interface of System Monitoring, you can see the overview (pic.2). For an example, we can specify one of the most fundamental metrics: the number of connected users. This monitor is set to the technical system and is displayed in the System Performance section. Displayed is the current data and its rating, which can be gray (undefined), green (good), yellow (warning) or red (undesirable). These thresholds, ie the distribution of values into states (ratings, alerts) can be individually set and we can connect notifications to them. With the number of connected users, this would be a red rating case, when there is more users connected, than the SAP license allows.

In addition to the current status and rating, you can also display data in the historical statistics. By clicking on the graph icon, you open a window – Metric Monitoring (another part of Technical Monitoring scenario), in which we see data in an interactive graph form (pic.3). This allows the filtration by period, thinning graph, threshold display and displaying certain value when you point in the curve.  Additionally, you can view metric trend and data source table.

If you need to track your own metrics, its not a problem to set it up. In addition, you can use System Monitoring from your smartphone (pic.4). If you are interested in System Monitoring and want to learn more, attend our workshops or contact us. It will be our pleasure to introduce you more details.