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Enterprise Support allows full use of SAP Solution Manager

Customers can use all options of the SAP Solution Manager within Enterprise Support. A higher level of support compared to Standard Support provides benefits in two main dimensions: functionality and landscape. Unlike the past, on the contrary, SAP recently canceled the third technological dimension of differences and now provides its latest technological solutions in SOLMAN for customers at any support level.

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Dimension Landscape – Standard does not support non-SAP

Standard Support only supports SAP components in the landscape. It does not support non-SAP solutions. Enterprise Support is needed to manage non-SAP components. An advantage of Enterprise Support is, that if any device enters into the process of SAP, all the same devices can be managed in SOLMAN (example: 1 printer used to print documents from SAP => all printers fall under Ent Support SOLMAN license). Similarly is opened access to evidence of users: If you have users who are not SAP licensed, but are partakers of business processes that are demonstrably related to SAP, you can manage them through SOLMAN.

The dimension of functionality – Standard contains just a functional basis

In terms of functions of SAP, Standard Support remains at SOLMAN 7.0 EHP1. Standard Support includes only the Functional Baseline with basic SOLMAN functions, new tools coming out with new versions (now 7.1 SP10) are available only for Enterprise.  Standard does include all the scripts to run (Run SAP) and life cycle (Application Lifecycle Managemenet) as the Solution Documentation, Test Management, Change Control Management or Business Process Monitoring, but lacks its advanced features.

Enterprise Support  features:

  • New blueprinting tool for Solution Documentation
  • Business Process Change Analyzer
  • Test Automation with two HP QTP licenses
  • Quality Gate Management
  • IT Service Management even for non-SAP
  • Management Dashboards for BPMON and TECHMON
  • PI, BI and BO Monitoring using MAI
  • End User Experience Monitoring
  • Business Process Analysis and Analytics
  • Custom Code Management Cockpit and Lifecycle Management
  • And more


Technology Dimension – New technology for all

Until September 2013 there was a third level of difference – of Technology. SAP leveled this dimension that everyone can always access  latest technology. Until now Standard Support customers could use only old System Monitoring using CCMS and not modern workcenter – Technical Monitoring with System Monitoring  based on Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure (MAI). MAI is now available for Standard Support. The advantage of this policy is to simplify the transition to Enterprise Support, because customers will use  the same technologies and the old ones will not have to be part of the new SOLMAN version.

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SAP Solution Manager is a tool that can completely cover operations (monitoring, analysis, service desk) and lifecycle (changes, testing) of your SAP solution. The main strenght and added value can be found in the analytical tools that are available only for Enterprise support. It is a tool for analysis of custom code, test automation, and analysis of the impact of changes, recommended testing or review and analytical tools for monitoring business processes and technical monitoring. If you are interested to learn more about the benefits of Enterprise Support and tap its potential, please contact us.