Release of Service Pack 10
for Solution Manager 7.1

Service Pack 10 adding new features to Solution Manager 7.1

SAP was released a new version of SAP Solution Manager 7.1: Service Pack 10. It is the highly awaited update to the well accepted SP8 from February and it adds many new features or enhancements. Our company MERIIS has already installed this new SOLMAN 7.1 SP10 and we were  prepared a public workshop which show all those new funcionalities in action. Note: SP9 was released internally only to serve as a test for SP10.

SOLMAN 7.1 SP10 brought many changes and new features to all areas of Application Lifecycle Management, for example:

    • Component-Based Test Automation for creation of automatic tests by recording actions from SAP GUI or Web Client UI
    • Semi-automatic creation of Technical Bills Of Material (TBOM) for used objects analysis to create test plans, ability to copy them between projects


    • Enhanced IT Calendar with Quality Gates synchronization, display of Change Cycles, adding planned IT events with connection to Work Mode Management
    • old SMSY transaction replaced with modern workcenter (or transcation LMDB)


    • New Exception Management
    • Enhanced End User Experience Monitoring
    • Interface Channel Monitoring is now able to monitor all types of RFC, IDOCs, FTP
    • New Unified Job Monitoring for background jobs
    • New Workflow Monitoring for business proces monitoring


    • New Operations Control Center for automatic and proactive monitoring of business process according to Run SAP like a Factory methodology
    • Dashboards enhanced with new graphs, texts, comments, filters, auto-refresh function


    • New Central CTS (Change And Transport System) for maintaining transport routes in clusters of multiple systems
    • Selective import of transports (based on filters); import scheduling
    • Better support of downgrade protection and retrofit
    • Deeper integration of Quality Gates (urgent changes, IT Calendar, task list)


    • Integration of SAP Portfolio and Project Management projects into SAP SOLMAN (PPM can take over SOLMAN function as time, resources or status of project)


    • New Service Catalog
    • New Widget displaying all types of Messages
    • New Inbox displaying Messages related to specific Incident
    • Ability to create Issue from an Incident
    • Ability to create Subsitute (person) for Message handling
  • and many more