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Support tool for managing the implementation of SAP

  • Do you solve problems with task management during SAP project implementation?
  • Do you beat request hierarchy complexity? Do you set the right priorities?
  • Do you find task records too difficult and detached from specific SAP objects?
  • Do you have an appropriate tool integrated directly to SAP system?

Roadmaps scenario in SAP Solution Manager is suitable solution for you.

Roadmaps are built-in scenarios in SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN) describing implementation, enhancement or upgrade of SAP solutions. They are a standard part of this tool.

Most of companies running parallel projects, sooner or later, urge to use standard and unified project methodology. There are many project management support tools and applications available. On the other hand there are many methodologies and processes how to manage projects. Roadmap scenario in SAP Solution Manager combines both features. It includes functionality helping to manage projects in accordance with unified procedures and in the same time allows project managers to use standard or customized methods.

In SOLMAN, each project can be connected to Roadmap which defines all required project steps. Any documents (i.e. templates, presentations, best practices, recommendations, links, etc.) can be attached to each step. Most of SAP users know Roadmap principles and structure from ASAP or Run SAP methodologies.
SOLMAN contains latest versions of the mentioned standard methods for implementation, maintenance and upgrade. It also allows their adjustment or customization according to customer’s needs.

SOLMAN with implemented Roadmaps enables to:

  • graphically navigate through the structure
  • filter by role or subject
  • display and assign documents
  • create and search for key words
  • print separate documents or whole structures with attached documents
  • search for specific documents
  • monitor task status and add notes
  • assign tasks and owners

Roadmap Benefits:

  • provide clear implementation guidelines resulting in time and cost reduction
  • adjustable project methodology according to customer’s needs and restrictions
  • suitable for all types of projects
  • on-line information sharing within a project team
  • owner assignment, task and deadline monitoring (in case of implementation of Issue Management scenario it’s possible to create an integrated place for monitoring all project issues so-called Issue Log)
  • achievement of better results using experience from other successful projects

MERIIS will take you through the following phases:

  • analysis of your current project management documentation
  • adjustment of technical parameters for customer’s owner/methodologist
  • setting priorities according to customer’s needs and limitations
  • definition of a customized roadmap
  • roadmap expansion of all appropriate documents like templates, descriptions, presentations, checklists and other attachments which enable quick orientation for a new team member
  • report outputs
  • internal support and training

Why implement Roadmaps with MERIIS? We have:

  • solved technically complicated export/transport
  • our own recommended issue/task hierarchy
  • prepared simplified roadmaps
  • recommended processes for roadmap operation and maintenance