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End User Experience Monitoring

Solution Manager 7.1 as a center for monitoring the status of SAP and non-SAP systems, including Technical Monitor scenario, which is a comprehensive tool, that can monitor the entire business landscape in many aspects. On the business processes, there are sometimes involved people from all over the world and it is a major challenge to ensure high availability in all regions. In the following article, we will show you how to measure availability and response time from the end-user systems.

End-User Experience Monitoring (EEM) is an effective tool, for evaluating and reporting the availability and performance of production systems by the end-user or customer. Administrator can advance to identify the problem without anyone noticing outage. Integration with Incident management, notifications and alerting, facilitates administrators monitoring of critical transactions. You don’t have to regularly check each system separately, you don’t even have to evaluate and record the results manually.

All data is stored in a local BW Solution Manager (data warehouse), where is data stored for a certain period of time and so in addition to the actual values, you can follow the historical development. For analysis and statistics, you can use the E2E Trace Analysis, which is part of Root Cause Analysis, which gives us more time value of RFC, http and display on the client side. By integrating functions of real-time monitoring and reporting, we can analyze data from the same EEM background.

How does EEM work?

To truly achieve the monitoring from the user side, you need to have the robot running on a local PC in the region. We will add a pre-prepared script using SAP tools, EEM Recorder and EEM Editor. After activation in Solution Manager, those recorded procedural steps will repeat regularly. Robot is basically Diagnostic Agent functionality, so you can also use agents installed on a server with SAP system.

Real-time Monitoring Environment

RealTime Monitoring UI is the central platform for End User Experience data, available in WorkCentre / Technical Monitoring. You can filter data and focus on a particular script, robot or region. Monitoring offers many views and graphs for analyzes. At one point you can see more statistics and current values as needed. Chaning screens is very simple and intuitive.


The basic setup in the implementation of End User Monitoring is setting limits, the thresholds. This means, that if a specific value is exceeded, the system creates an alarm and sends it to the central Alert Inbox. Alert Infrastructure is connected with all the available monitoring tools of Solution Manager. Administrator doesn’t have to track graphs and curves daily to estimate when the collapse occurs. Automated equipment of Solution Manager in the form of notifications to individual administrators or whole groups will take care of everything. An excellent solution is integration with another scenario, with Incident management. Thanks to Incident management, you have all the steps, from finding errors to handover to authorized personnel and supervision of their work, in evidence.


Last strong point is the use of historical data stored in BW (data warehouse), that we use in combination with BW web templates for interactive reporting performance and availability. We can estimate the changes and tune the configuration of limits in alerting. Furthermore, these statistics can be used to calculate the SLA.